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wendy alcala

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I am wendy alcala


Cali born and raised I've always had the desire to be an entertainer. I began singing when I was 10 at my neighborhood church and acting/modeling classes when I was 11. But being raised in a hispanic household that wasn't always looked at as success, so I continued my education and graduated with my bacholers from UCLA in 2016. In the meantime, I was pursing my modeling career. Being in the entertainment industry is one of the hardest on your self esteem. I use to be very hard on myself and never truly felt confident in my own skin. I was hearing from all sides that I could be skinnier, thicker, and all together something completely different from who I am. Many ask why I started "showing more skin" and to be honest that was when I FINALLY decided to love my body, to embrace the body I was born in and own it. So whether i'm a size 4 or 8 I'm not going to let it define who I am as a person. It took me 24 years to finally love the body i'm in, so I show it with pride and I hope you too can get to the place of love and compassion for yourself. This will be my little place on the world wide web to share with you guys this journey in hopes that YOU too can be inspired to follow your dreams. 


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